Home Insurance FAQ’s


Part of my home is used for an office. Will my business activity and equipment be covered?

It is possible to add coverage for an office and office equipment. Such coverage is not part of the “standard” policy and you will need to inform us of the details in order to add this coverage to the policy.

Will installing an alarm reduce my price?

No. If the insurance company does not require an alarm, installing one will not lower the price. If they do require one, it will be a pre-condition to coverage.

What are the deductibles?

Other than earthquake claims, deductibles are quite low. Our staff will provide you with the exact deductibles once you decide to receive a home policy proposal. (To receive a home policy proposal, click here). You can raise your deductible on your contents and receive a discount on the premium. The deductible on earthquake damages is quite high; 10% of the amount insured. Earthquake deductibles can be lowered to 4% for a significant increase in premium.

What about war and terrorist damages?

War and terrorist damages to your structure are covered by the State of Israel. War and terrorist damages to your contents are covered by the State of Israel but both the category of contents and the amounts covered are limited. It is possible to purchase supplemental war coverage for contents through Mas Rechush, a government agency. Some insurance companies give the option of purchasing supplemental terrorist coverage for contents in some areas of the country.

I use my apartment in Israel as a vacation home and it is mainly unoccupied. How will this affect my insurance?

You will need to purchase insurance for an “unoccupied” home. Covering an unoccupied home costs more and usually requires that all the main water, electric, and gas valves are closed during the period when it is unoccupied. If you didn’t purchase extra insurance to cover an unoccupied home there will not be any insurance coverage during that period.

My policy requires that my front door be locked. I’ve installed a push button lock to make it easier for my children who don’t have keys to enter the home. There was a break-in and the only locking device that was active at the time was the push button lock. Will I be covered?

No! Push button locks are normally much less secure than regular door locks and unless you can conclusively prove otherwise, you will not be covered as your coverage is based on you having and using all of the anti-theft requirements mentioned in your policy. If you’re planning to install a push button lock in place of a lock that your policy requires, please consult with our office in advance..

My laptop computer in insured for “all risks” coverage. I left it in my unattended car and someone broke my window and stole it. Am I covered?

No! No contents are ever covered while in an unattended car.

I often travel abroad and bring my laptop with me each time. If it is stolen abroad, am I covered?
You can add coverage for chutz l’aretz (outside of Israel) for all your items that are already insured outside of your home in Israel for an additional premium. You must be in touch with our office in advance regarding this.

I’m doing renovations, does my coverage remain in force?
If the renovations last less than two weeks, yes. Otherwise, no. Large renovations need to covered in a “builders” policy that our office also offers.