Had a Car Accident

What To Do In Case You Are In A Car Accident
• Stop your car and turn off the engine
• Check if anyone is injured. If there are injuries requiring medical attention Call 101 (Magen David Adom) for an ambulance then call 100 to notify the police. Do not move the cars when there are injured people requiring medical attention until the police arrive.
• Check the damage to your car or to other cars. When safe, look under your car to see that no fluids have leaked out.
• If you have a digital camera, photograph the position of the cars involved, their damage and the area of the accident including any relevant traffic signs. This could help you very much in a claim against the other party’s insurance company as pictures can often prove the correctness of your position.
• Write down the following information for each car involved in the accident and give them your information:
o Name and Teudat Zehut number of the car owner and the driver.
o Address and phone number of the car owner and the driver.
o Car information (License plate number, type of car, year of car).
o Insurance information: Insurance company, policy number, and the insurance agent’s name and phone number.
o If there were any witnesses to the accident, get their information: name, address, and phone number.
o Do not take any responsibility for the accident and do not sign any declarations. Determining who was at fault is up to the insurance company.
• Write down exactly what happened while it is still fresh in your mind. Include a drawing of the accident, including road signs and any other information that could be helpful.
• Call your towing service (24 hours) if you can’t drive your car or if driving it might cause further damage.
• Call our office to report the accident at 02-6519343