"I'm here to help you with all of your insurance needs in Israel"
-Shmuel Weinstein

Rina M

Jerusalem, Israel

I've been  insured with Shmuel Weinstein’s insurance agency for years. He has always been kind, patient, and thorough and I've enjoyed working with him and his staff. He gives excellent service and I highly recommend him to anyone who has insurance needs in Israel.

Rabbi Elchanan Karnowsky, zt"l

Mattersdorf - Jerusalem, Israel

Rabbi Karnowsky, zt"l, passed away at age 92 in 5775. He dedicated his entire life to Torah study, learning the whole day with study partners and his grandchildren until his final days. While he was alive in this world, he wrote:
I have had my home insurance with Shmuel Weinstein for over twenty years and I am very satisfied with his knowledge of insurance and with the professionalism of the service which I have received.

Moshe Hamburg

Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

When my family and I made Aliyah over 11 years ago, we needed to take care of our car and health insurance needs. Because the system works very differently here than what we were used to, we needed someone who could direct us in the right path. Shmuel Weinsten took care of this. Because of Shmuel's American style service, and his excellent knowledge of the Israeli insurance market, we were able to get the best policies that fit our family’s needs. When there is a change that could affect us, Shmuel always lets us know and gives us different and better options. Also, when ever we have questions or needs, Shmuel and his staff are always there for us. With Shmuel, we can rest at ease that we have someone on our side and taking care of us.

I strongly recommend his services!